The Smiling Pub Company

After showcasing our product range at the Excel Centre during the HRC event in 2023, we have hit the ground running, not only receiving incredible feedback as well as solidifying its supply chain.


The collection is available through this website, where you can make an individual purchases, or even register for trade interest. We are always looking for distribution partners that have an interest in working with a solid brand that represents a premium product.


As an up and coming company we are firmly of the belief that it is about the story, about the journey and where we end up. All are equally as important. All members of our “Mr Family” are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on the premium brand we are looking to create.

Stock Mr Gin

We are proud to offer incredible support for distributors and suppliers of our products. Our aim to create partnerships with likeminded people and companies. we strive to make our products available to the open market, where the quality can be appreciated..

The future is bright

As we look to the future, we are excited to continue growing our business with further spirit additions in the coming year. Our goal is to create a range of spirits that are all made with the same level of care and attention to detail as Mr Gin. We are committed to using locally sourced ingredients and ensuring that our products are made in an ethical and sustainable way.

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