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Are you a budding mixologist? Keen bar tender? Experienced in flairing?

Could you be the next Mr Gin Mixologist of the year?

Stirring up a storm, and celebrating the best of the best in mixology, bartenders and mixologists from across the UK are invited to participate in the ultimate shake-off, to create, inspire and deliver a signature cocktail fusion using Mr Gin’s premium products, with the final round to take place at HRC 2024.

Showcase your cocktail-making skills to impress the judges, and you could be taking home the title of Mr Gin Mixologist of the Year, along with some incredible prizes; which include £1000 Mr Gin voucher, holiday for 2 to Portugal and much more.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ‘Mr Gin’ Mixologist of the Year Competition
1. Eligibility: a. The competition is open to all levels of bartenders who are A) 18 or older. B) Employees or
affiliates, and immediately sponsored by a venue that is classed as an On-Trade organisation. This Organisation
has to sponsors the bartender through registration. This is so that the organisation can purchase ‘Mr Gin’ at a
reseller price, rather than retail. Without a sponsor, the bartender will not be eligible to participate.
2. Entry Submission: a. Entrants must submit their entry interest through the official Mr Gin website by filling in
the form on either www.mrgin.uk or www.thesmilingpubcompany.com . Once an applicant has submitted their
details, they will receive an email with a timeline All entries must be received by the specified deadline on the
3. Competition Rounds: a. The competition may consist of multiple rounds, including but not limited to: i.
Preliminary submission through live regionals. ii. Semi-final live competitions. iii. Final showdown or grand finale.
b. Participants must adhere to the rules and guidelines for each round, as specified by the organizers.
4. Judging: a. Judging criteria will be established and made available to participants before each round. b. The
judging panel will consist of industry professionals and/or experts selected by the organizers. c. The judges’
decisions are final and binding.
5. Prizes: a. Prizes will be awarded to the winners as specified by the organizers. b. Prizes include top 10 cocktails
published in the 2024 ‘Mr Gin’ national cocktail menu. This shall include recognition to both creating mixologist
as well as sponsoring venue. £1000 voucher for purchase of Mr Gin or related products through the companies
website for the winning sponsor and the winning mixologist wins a holiday for 2 to Lisbon where flights and
accommodation shall be provided. c. Winners may be required to provide tax identification information for prize
reporting purposes.
6. Media and Promotion: a. By participating in the competition, entrants grant the organizers the right to use
their name, image, and likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation. b. The organizers may
document and share the competition through various media channels, including social media and press releases.
7. Code of Conduct: a. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner
throughout the competition. b. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or unsportsmanlike behaviour may result
in disqualification.
8. Disqualification: a. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entrant who violates the terms and
conditions or engages in unfair or unethical practices.
9. Liability: a. The organizers, sponsors, and affiliated parties are not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or
damages that may occur during the competition.
10. Modifications and Cancellation: a. The organizers reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions or
cancel the competition at any time for any reason.
11. Governing Law: a. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the
laws of the United Kingdom.
12. Contact Information: a. For any questions or concerns regarding the competition, participants can contact
The Smiling Pub Company via email to info@thesmilingpubcompany.com .
By participating in the “Mr Gin’s Mixologist of the Year” competition, entrants acknowledge that they have read,
understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. It is essential to provide clear and accessible information
about the rules, judging criteria, and prizes to ensure a fair and transparent competition
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